About me

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kray. A goofy Californian-English-Aquarian with an offbeat style. I currently reside in Cornwall, UK with my husband Paul, two teenage boys PJ and Jack and our gorgeous jackabee Dennis. 
If you heard me speak you'd instantly know I wasn't native to Cornwall. In fact, I grew up in the U.S. and it was a total riot!
My life has been full of amazing adventures, from hanging out with the roller skating Venice Beach Bohemians, to living on a hippy commune; Moving to the sweltering Mojave Desert, wearing neon and sporting a mullet!

When I was 18 I moved to the UK to stay with my Dad and attend University. 
My dad is a black country boy and a lot of our family still live in the West Midlands but I settled in Solihull in my 20's and had to be a proper grown up after my husband lost his battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. For the next 8 years I would submerse myself in work and to ensure I provided the best I could for my two boys. 
Having had enough of the rat race and in 2009 I moved to Cornwall for a healthier, quieter lifestyle. It seemed an idyllic place for my boys to spend the rest of their childhood and for me to slow down a little and begin to enjoy life again. 
 View from our garden
 The boys enjoying the surf
 I met a wonderful man and we decided to get married in 2012. It was a massive decision but to be able to spend my life with someone I loved after so long was an amazing feeling, and it still is. 
He makes me laugh and takes the edge of my serious nature. 
And we have tons of fun together!
I've been papercrafting since December 2015 when I decided to make my own Christmas cards and I have't looked back since then. 

As far as styles go, I love paper as an artistic medium. My heart belongs to the transformation of white space, filled with colour, texture and interest. 

My inspiration generally come from the products themselves as they evoke certain memories, feelings or images. Papercrafting is so much more than just making cards and mixed media is a personal journey, a poetic license and a beautiful love affair.
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