Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Nuvo Expanding Mousse Mixed Media Projects

Hi everyoneToday I have a couple projects to share with you using the recently launched Tonic Studios Nuvo Expanding Mousse. 

Unfortunately, I don't have a step by step tutorial as I wasn't sure how either would turn out - sorry! Next time I'll be sure to give a full tutorial when I use it. I did manage to take some pictures - I sometimes do this when I'm prepping projects as I have to make identical sets. 
Project 1 - Dreamer of Dreams - 5"x7" Deep Canvas

The Nuvo Expanding Mousse was added directly to a canvas and primed with gesso and metal embellishments and die cuts were added. White gesso was applied straight over the expanding mousse and the Blue Expanding Mousse used both as a spray and applied directly to the canvas. The white is watered down white acrylic paint as a spray. I was a little disappointed with the hearts as they didn't stand out as much as I'd hoped but it still turned out ok. The project is finished by adding crackle Glaze over the edges of the canvas. 
Tonic Studios Materials Used: 
Tangerine Die Cutting Machine
Nuvo Expanding Mousse - Boatyard Blue

Tonic Studios - Media Die - Traditional Timepiece Media Die Sets - 2329E
Tonic Studios - Media Die - Media Shim for Media Dies - 2346E
Tonic Studios Heart Dies
Other Materials: 
5"x7" Deep Canvas
White Gesso
White Acrylic Paint
Black Ink
Metal Embellishments
Crackle Glaze
Mini Art Stones
Dreamer of Dreams Sentiment
Crisscross MDF 
Spray Bottle and Distilled water
Project 2 - Challenge The World, 5"x7" Canvas Board
My Next Project actually started out as a card. I added Nuvo Embellishment and Expanding Mousse to my original panel. 
Once I'd added the Expanding Mousse it became apparent that this was going to be a heavier project and so added my original panel to a canva board. However, the panel was smaller than my canvas which meant that I used a lot of Expanding Mousse to fill in the gaps. This had a wonderful effect which I this point I added a stenciled script but didn't take any photos. This was tricky and should have added it before I started with the Expanding Mousse. 
I left the bottom right blank as I now had a different direction for my canvas. After die cutting some cogs in MDF, I added them to the canvas. You can see how the pieces sort of moulded into the mousse - so cool! 
Black gesso then Expanding Mousse added to metal embellishments - lush!
The Mousse was then added to all my timepiece die cuts. 
After a few layers of Mousse and die cuts. 
You can really see the colours and texture building up now on all the added cogs. 
The rusty effect was something I wasn't expecting and it just blew me away at how easy it was. Simply apply and then use your heat gun to 'expand' the mousse.  
To complete the project some sentiments were added and I love them. My husband said it looks like something you'd fetch from the bottom of the ocean. Happiness achieved, haha! This canvas really does look lush - what do you think?
Tonic Studios Materials Used: 
Tangerine Die Cutting Machine
Black Cardstock
Mixed Media Cardstock
Thank you for taking the time to pop over, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I'll be back soon! 
Lots of love and hugs
Jennifer xx


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