Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Moon and Stars Mixed Media Canvas

Hi everyone
Today I am sharing a mixed media canvas using some of the brand new Nuvo products. Now a lot of people use a whole heap of embellishments when designing mixed media canvases but my aim was to keep my product list as simple as possible in the hopes that you may try something similar.
Materials Used: 
Cling Film
Canvas 8 inch x 15 inches
White Gesso
Gel Medium
Gold Metal Sheet
Tonic Studios Basic Circles
Blue Blitz, Cherry Bomb, Solar Flare, Storm Cloud, Violet Brocade, Atlantis Burst, Green Parade
Essentials - Windsor Type - Lower Case - 1687E
Essentials - Windsor Type - Upper Case - 1688E
Essentials - Postal Type - Lower Case - 1684E
Nuvo - Glitter Accents - Atlantic Drift - 941n
Nuvo - Glitter Accents - Fresh Snowfall - 948N
I'm sorry I don't have a full tutorial - I got carried away and forgot to photo a few steps. I promise to take more care in future. 
To make
After adding a layer of gesso, I sprayed my canvas with water then randomly sprinkled shimmer powders on it. Once I was happy with the look of the powders, I wrapped clink film around my canvas. The cling film will give added texture (although this is not an essential step).
I let my canvas dry overnight then removed cling film. I was hoping for more texture but this will do. What I did notice is that the cling film does pull away some colour so more is more, if you get my drift. 
Shimmer powders are electrified when water is added, therefore, I stuck down all my letters for placement whilst I worked on adding more colours and working out the design. I also die cut a circle then cut again to resemble a moon and added some star die cuts. 
I began using gesso over my canvas and creating bursts around each of the stars. The stars have both white and blue glitter accents on them and underneath I die cut a metal star for a little extra texture. 
 I also cut out another moon and used a mixture of shimmer powders, gesso, water and glitter accents to create a gritty, robust texture. 
It appears I have an odd brushstroke. This isn't something I noticed until a friend mentioned it on another piece. I'm not sure how I feel about it - whether it's lack of skill or just a quirk but it's definitely funky. 
And that's something a little different from me today. Definitely not perfect but I like that about papercrafting - you can always find beauty in imperfection. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and and I really work harder on my tutorials for larger pieces of work - maybe even some videos! 
Lots of love and hugs
Jennifer xx


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