Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Aah Bisto! it's time to shimmer

Hi everyone
It's been a trying few weeks with lots happening and although I still can't speak, I can sure type! I really wanted to make a video turorial for this but then I went and contracted a throat infection and lost my voice. Ha! Always the way, isn't it. 
Luckily, I took step-by-step picture instructions so those will have to do for now. 
Materials Used: 
A Bisto pot - although any tin or pot will do. 
White Gesso
Paint brushes
Gel Medium

Rust-Oleum 400ml Crystal Clear Spray Paint - Matt

Step 1
Apply first coat of white gesso over your clean and dry Bisto pot. 
Step 2
You may want to add additional coats of gesso - here I added another layer, so we've not applied two coats of white gesso. Let air dry completely between each coat.
Step 3
Cut out some cheese cloth.
Begin adding a third layer of gesso, using it as an adhesive and apply your cheesecloth directly onto the tin. Once dry you can brush over lightly with gesso again if there are any areas not secure. Also at this point, gesso the inside of your pot. Leave to completely dry overnight as the cheesecloth is soak up the gesso and it may take hours to dry. 
Step 4
Whilst waiting for your pot to dry you can now start to think about the design. I like to work with paper as it's easy to manipulate and mould. Here I've used the stunning Tonic Ada Lace Dies. This is one die I cut out in various parts. 
Step 5
Apply the lace dies pieces to your tin with Gel Medium. I've Used Golden Regular Gel Matte. The reason you use Gel medium instead of just gesso is you're applying paper to cheesecloth as Gel Medium is permanent adhesive. 

Top Tip
Use Gel Medium when working with wet projects. Remember, hot glue isn't permanent but Gel Medium is. 

The gel medium dries relatively quickly and if you're careful you can give it a gentle blast with your heat gun. You can see that I had not added gesso...yet. 
Step 6
Once completely dry, add another layer of gesso. This isn't essential, but I wanted the cheesecloth and the die cuts to mould into one another and make it look like the tin was made that way.
What do you think? 

Step 7
As well as the lace dies, I added lots of flowers and a single butterfly. I die cut these out whilst I was waiting for my gesso to dry. 
Step 8
Begin to think about placement of flowers on tin. Here I just used a mini foam pad until I had eyed up my placement. 
Step 9 
Once you've constructed your flowers and worked out placement, add them with Gel Medium - NOT a hot glue gun. Remember, Gel Medium is permanent, hot glue is not. 
Allow all your flowers, leaves and butterfly to dry completely. Again, I allowed overnight drying time. I did not want those flowers to move at all once I started straying. 
Step 10
After everything has dried and two days later (lol) you're ready to spray. I doubt you need to wait that long but I like my projects to last and want them around for a long time. Patience is a virtue with mixed media. 

Step 11
If you find the spray is covering too much, just go in with a flat brush and cover some areas with gesso. This really makes some areas pop and mutes other areas. I love the over effect. 
Step 12
You can also add some glitter to your project for a little sparkle. I only added a few and not in every flower, but the Mirrorball glitter looks fab! 
Step 13
Finish with Rust-Oleum 400ml Crystal Clear Spray Paint. This protects and seals your finished project and ensures it's longevity. Don't forget to spray the inside too!
I'm feeling a little nervous to show this as I've not made one before, but think it turned out ok. I'd love to know what you think. 
As you can see it's really easy to make and I would love you to have a go and make one! 
I hope you've enjoyed my post today and if you have any questions please feel free to ask, either in comments or you can find me on facebook. 
Thanks so much and speak to you soon. 
Lots of love and hugs
Jennifer xx


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