Friday, 20 October 2017

Fairy Wings and Country Dreams

Hola and TGIF!
There's a brilliant challenge starting today over at daringcardmakers.

Are you a country or a city girl? Show us what you like about (living in) the country/city.

Now, you'd think that was an easy question to answer and I'm sure for 99% of the population they would instantly know. However, I have a Sociology degree and so everything is scrutinised, deconstructed and analysed for 834783493 hours before I can come to any sort of conclusion. 

I have a family and a dog and grudgingly agreed to move to the country in 2009. I have replaced my Jimmy Choo's with wellies and good sturdy boots, my wonderful tailored coat for a shiny raincoat, I eat pasties and visit little old Dorris once a week for a cuppa and a chat about the cows down the lane. It's not exactly the hive of activity but I have grown to....tolerate it. Ok, so I kind of like it - the lush green surroundings, the slower pace of life and the flowers and baby everything in Spring. Yes, I love it and maybe I AM a country girl after all. Cities don't have fairies or magic and I am definitely a believer of country wins. Yay, we made it! 
On that note, I have a wonderful wreath project to share with you today that fits in perfectly with the country theme, because after all, I am a country girl ;). 

We have nine paper roses, ten leaves, three sentiments, and three fairies. However, two of the fairies are actually detachable baubles I designed out of circle toppers and mini embroidery hoops! 
May all your dreams come true
Detachable bauble 1
 Detachable bauble 2 

I also added some mini lights which completes it perfectly!
 I love how the lights are positioned behind the bauble. 
 You can remove both baubles easily (Velcro) and I have popped two small flowers to cover if I ever want to use the baubles. It looks fantastic in the dark all lit up.
And it looks just as lovely in the day time too. 
So there we have it - my first ever wreath! I loved making this and what better collection than the new Fairyland Collection by Craftwork Cards, which is available here.
I really hope you like it and it was so easy to construct with the elements from Fairyland Collection, some stickles, Nuvo Drops, Distress Inks, Twine, mini embroidery hoops, hot glue and mini LED lights. 

You can find me in here: 

I'll be back Tuesday with a full tutorial on a new project. 
Lots of love and hugs
Jennifer xx


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