Sunday, 9 July 2017

Oh Santa, not in July!

Crikey it's HOT tonight! The later it get the hotter it feels.

Today I'm sharing just a few of the samples I made with the Tonic Studios Christmas Buildables. These dies' are adorable but you'll not be making any quick cards with these suckers as they take patience to construct but they're worth it! We've kept them very simple and only used the elements within the set as they are so cute you don't need anything fancy with them.

I love this script font as it looks like it's been hand written. I used the blue and purple Aquaflow pens for a simple splatter background, along with Craft Perfect Paper and Black Nuvo Drops to finish the card.
There's also this sweet little reindeer. I added some Glimmer Paste though a stencil to give the impression of falling snow. I didn't want to take away from the reindeer image so decided to stick with the white background, which gives a very subtle effect.
Now we're looking at some of the pieces for Mr & Mrs Claus. Don't be fooled into thinking this is an easy make - it isn't. But it's relaxing and fun. So I set about cutting out all the pieces I needed with a few practice pieces for colour variation etc.
This is actually the finished card and is what I imagined the pair to be like in July. I used the beard for her hair to achieve a beehive look. She certainly looks shocked by what she's hearing! 
Although the card clearly says Jingle Bells - what Mr Claus actually said was a little different....
That's it from me, I hope you like these Buildables and don't forget to share your Tonic makes #showtonic so they can be seen on the live shows, Friday 4pm with Ali, Owain and Dan. 

See you soon
Lots of love and hugs
Jennifer xx

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