Friday, 10 March 2017

Paper Topiary

Do you like, ever see projects and think, "I'm totally going to try that"? Well, this time I bit the bullet and had a go at making my very own Paper Topiary with paper strips.
Use trimmer/guillotine to cut any CWC paper of your choice in to 0.5 x 4 inch strips.
Staple the ends together - yes you really need to do this.
Use a complimentary colour to ink all edges once stapled, I used Ranger Distress Ink - Abandoned Coral  (optional step)
You're going to need a lot of strips so get cutting and stapling. For the Topiary I used a 5 inch Styrofoam ball. Although each step takes time, it doesn't require any expert techniques so any crafter, from beginner to expert, will be able to create one.

Take your stapled strips and a using a hot glue gun attach them (staple side down) one by one to the styrofoam ball.

You'll know when you've done enough as it will look perfectly symmetrical. You can then pop the topiary ball on to a wooden dowel and secure in to any type of base (I used a pot which was in my cupboard).  
As I had some strips left over I decided to make a card with the scraps of paper.
I really had a lot of fun making these projects. Until next time...
Lots of Love


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